Aviva Development Zone

There are three good reasons why you should sign up to the Development Zone:

  1.  The FCA demands that brokers have competent, trained staff giving advice to customers.
  2.  Membership of the CII is dependent on completing regular structured training and being able to prove it.
  3. The soon-to-arrive Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) will make it compulsory for anyone giving insurance advice to complete 15 hours of CPD per year from February 2018.

With this in mind, any broker worth its salt ought to have an efficient and cost-effective on-line training and competency facility to underpin their T & C regime. The beauty about online training is that it can be carried out in small bite-sized chunks that can easily be slotted into the working week with minimal disruption to day-to-day activities.

Aviva have teamed up with compliance experts RWA Associates to create a fantastic web-based learning facility specifically geared to brokers.

By combining the pre-existing Development Zone facilities offered by Aviva, with RWA’s broker-focussed gap-analysis system Obelisk and then revamping and revitalising the whole product with state of the art software, you now have access to an incredibly user-friendly product that ticks all the boxes any broker could wish for from an online T & C system:

  • Functionality to select specific online courses for your staff and individuals
  • The ability to set up your own business structures to enable you to allocate learning pathways to groups of individuals depending on their role in the business.
  • Over 500 training modules on technical insurance topics, compliance and soft skills
  • A gap analysis tool that first identifies how much you know before providing you with the learning you need, then reassesses you to make sure you have understood the learning.
  • Automatic population of training logs and CPD points in a user-friendly format.
  • Certificates, Badges and Rewards to evidence your progress.
  • A sophisticated and user-friendly automated reporting system that allows you to monitor your employee’s progress and provides key Management Information on demand.
  • A bench-marking tool to monitor the competence of your own business against that of other Development Zone users.
  • The ability to record other training and learning outside of Dev Zone so that you can compile a complete picture of all training undertaken in one place.
  • The flexibility to use the Development Zone on a PC or Tablet
  • The flexibility to add your own in-house learning modules in a whole range of formats from Word documents to PowerPoint presentations, audio files and videos.

The Cost?

Your membership of COBRA Network allows you to purchase this incredible facility for just £50 plus VAT per person per year courtesy of the fantastic discounts we have secured.

Free 30-day trials are available if you are still unsure, but speak to your Strategic Account Manager or contact Paul Bryant.

We can help

For more information about Development Zone or to sign up, contact either:

Paul Bryant

Group Human Resources Director

020 7204 8802 | 07768 510 776

Fran Rendle

Human Resources Assistant

0208 256 1953 | 07972 307 474