The COBRA Group

Formed in 2006 through the amalgamation of six companies, creating an insurance business that provides a wide range of services for its Network members, agents and clients.

The Group’s strength lies in its ability to negotiate improved terms with its insurer partners, which leads to greater retention rates with existing clients and reduced overall operating costs.

Critical mass in our industry is vital to sustain a competitive position. Our goal is to develop nationally both organically and through acquisitions, but in doing so recognise that whilst the revenues generated from the acquisition cover its costs, the true value exists in the people that operate it.

In any organisation, the human resource is the most important of all and in targeting our acquisitions the overriding buying decision revolves around the harmonisation of culture and the need to ensure that the necessary complementary skill sets exist to execute the COBRA strategy. Only by focusing on this will we secure the entrepreneurial energy and local knowledge to maximise the potential for all.

COBRA Network

An independent network of commercial insurance brokers, with over 100 independent members across the UK ranging from start-up businesses to large, established commercial brokerages.

COBRA Network provides valuable and practical support for many aspects of a brokers business and is carefully structured to help them make their business more profitable, including wider access to the insurance market and Lloyd’s (through COBRA London Markets) and a number of specialist insurers.

At the heart of the network proposition is the partnerships it has developed with various major UK insurers. The benefit to the insurer is an increase in professionalism derived from the brokers within the network, the improvement in the quality of business placed, the reduction in management time and ultimately increased profitability.

COBRA London Markets

A long-established Lloyd’s wholesale broker offering a range of insurance services, specifically within the Healthcare, Liability, Motor Fleet, Professional Risks and Property sectors.

COBRA London Markets (CLM) provides access to markets that provincial brokers are not able to utilise because of regulations and the method in which these particular insurers do business. The Lloyd’s and London market often specialise in the more difficult risks. These would include industries where there is a high hazard or significant capacity requirements or where the business may be ‘distressed’, requiring a more broad-minded approach.

Whatever the circumstances, CLM’s experienced team of professionals are skilled in tailoring the right insurance solution to meet the needs of a broker and their clients.

COBRA Underwriting Agencies

An ‘exclusively different’ underwriting agency, COBRA Underwriting Agencies (CUA) delivers a range of insurance products to members and selected agents, backed by substantial and long-standing capacity from the leading insurers such as AXA, Aviva and Travelers.

CUA is an underwriting company that only deals with selected supporting agents. The policies are bespoke to CUA and in the main, are non-transferable, which gives their brokers greater peace of mind and exclusivity.

CUA offers a quality range of general insurance products, underwritten by a team of knowledgeable CUA underwriters, that are easily accessible and focused on providing on providing an excellent level of a service.