Not all broker networks are the same.

There’s a reason we’re growing. Brokers are discovering all the benefits of staying independent, but with the power of Cobra Network behind them. And it doesn’t cost a penny to join!

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A refreshingly different way to run a broker network

All we do is look after our members – and we never compete with them for business. We reinvest our income into member benefits and services, which is how we’re able to offer so much for free. And you don’t pay for anything you don’t want or need.

Whether you’re new to networks or are already in one, you owe it to yourself to find out more.


Our approach

The way we run our broker network is different. We offer great value, we keep it simple, and we’re a pleasure to deal with.
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Why join us?

Here are 10 great reasons why joining Cobra Network makes sense – not just for your business but for you, too.
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The benefits you'll get

Find out how your independent brokerage can prosper and grow by winning new business and working more profitably.
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FREE download: Your Port in a Storm guide - fight the hard market & COVID

The hard market and COVID-19 have created a ‘perfect storm’ for insurance brokers. Download Your Port in a Storm – we’ll explain how we can help you to navigate the challenges that this ‘perfect storm’ has created. And how we can help you to come back in 2021 even stronger.

Our members speak for themselves

Cobra Network is made up of like-minded people who all want the same thing: to focus on the work they love, and to reap more rewards from doing it.

Slide “Joining Cobra Network was one of the best decisions we’ve made. It’s been invaluable to our growth, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it – as I have, on many occasions. Joining seemed a no-brainer and staying a member is just the same.” David Woodford Partner, P&W Insurance Group Slide “When I set up my own business I received incredible support, particularly on compliance. We’ve since continued to grow, using as many of the Cobra facilities and panel insurers as we can. The network is supportive, but not prescriptive.” Andy Phillips Director, AP Insurance Brokers Slide “Over the past 12 years we’ve built a really close working relationship with Cobra Network. This includes our Business Development Managers, who jump in and help when we need extra support with insurers.” Claire Oakley Director, Acorn to Oaks Financial Services Slide “We’d been a member of another network for some time, so having jumped ship to Cobra Network some time ago we’re in a good position to compare their offerings. I have to say that we are wholly pleased with Cobra.” Doug Rood Managing Director, Kent Insurance Brokers

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Are you an established broker looking to join a network? Thinking of starting up your own brokerage? Or are you in a network already, but thinking of moving?

We can take you through the benefits of joining us, or how to transfer to us. And there’s no obligation, so why not find out more…

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