Membership Options

Different membership options to meet the needs of virtually any broker

COBRA Network enables its members to compete more effectively in an increasingly cost-conscious commercial insurance market. Outwardly nothing changes – you retain your brand and identity and continue to do business in whichever way suits you. But behind the scenes, you have a powerful organisation ready to help you achieve better margins and access wider insurance markets. You have access to industry experts that support you with FCA Compliance, HR and Training as well as a dedicated account manager who will help you maximise your membership.

Genesis – for start-ups that mean business

Starting your own business . . . there’s nothing quite like the moment when you finally decide to break away and start your own brokerage business. The chance to create your own identity and put your ideas into action can be exhilarating – but being out on your own can also be a little daunting. Our Genesis membership package provides you with the support you need, without restricting how you want to develop your new business.

If you’re an entrepreneurial broker ready to start a new brokerage, Genesis offers you the best of all worlds. For a small monthly fee, we provide you with a range of support behind the scenes while you build your business exactly how you envisaged.

“As a new start-up broker, we were faced with many challenges to overcome, outside of simply writing business. Joining the COBRA Network was, and remains to be, one of the best decisions we have made to date.”read more

Classic – simply rewarding success

Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine all the benefits of independence – local service, passion and drive – with the buying power of a national consolidated brokerage? The good news is that’s exactly what COBRA Network offers. As an established network, our philosophy is to use the combined strength of our members to deliver enhanced business terms without compromising your firm’s unique independence.

Your business independence is guaranteed and your existing agency agreements remain unaffected. Expert support, training and resources in Compliance, HR and Training are amongst other business initiatives which complete your package.

“I’ve been a member of COBRA Network for over 10 years now and remain a member for the business support that the Network provides.” – read more

Choice – take your business further

All the benefits of Classic plus the opportunity to enhance earnings further by increasing support of our insurer panel. Income can be improved in various ways, subject to an agreed annual commitment.

As an ambitious independent broker, you are always looking to take your business further. So why not grow your earnings at the same time?

Choice is designed to help you benefit from enhanced business terms, when you put business through the Network insurer panel. Think of it like a loyalty scheme that helps boost your business.

“We value our COBRA membership very much as it gives us access to markets we would otherwise struggle to reach.” – read more

Horizons – for the complete business life-cycle

Horizons is our premier, selective membership option for commercial brokers and incorporates a number of business benefits including a referral bonus for other new member introductions, support with business planning, an option to enhance your Marketing budget and enhanced Compliance and HR support (chargeable).

Also available as part of Horizons are some unique funding options such as:

  • releasing capital from your business
  • assistance with the sale of the business (MBO or to a third-party)
  • growing your business through broker acquisition
“COBRA Horizons is designed to bring significant advantages to a broker’s business. We have brought together a range of complementary business services including a number of funding options to provide a complete business solution that will benefit virtually any independent insurance broker.”
“COBRA Horizons does not change a broker’s membership or status with COBRA Network in any way. It does, however, provide facilities and options for the complete life-cycle of a broking business, including some distinctive funding possibilities. We firmly believe that COBRA Horizons is the only lifestyle choice for commercial insurance brokers that value their business independence.”

Steve Burrows, Chief Executive Officer, COBRA Network