Best decision we’ve made

“As a new start-up broker we were faced with many challenges to overcome, outside of simply writing business. Joining the COBRA Network was, and remains to be, one of the best decisions we have made to date. The support provided in regards to HR and Compliance is exceptional and without it, we would not have had the freedom to establish and grow our business so successfully in year one. The excellent relationships developed with Insurers over many years are clear for all to see and I hope the next few years as Network members are as good as the first. Keep up the good work COBRA.”

Mark Kemp, Director, Blackhawk Insurance Services Limited
Exceptional service

“The service CLA has received from COBRA Underwriting Agencies has been exceptional, supporting the placement of risks that traditionally the composite market would easily accommodate. However with the fallout from Ogden and the response from some insurers without consideration of the knock-on effects to what have been supporting brokers businesses, the results of which could have had a major impact on our future performance. COBRA has stepped up and helped us smooth the market effects to the benefit of our customers and in turn provided support of our own business. It is not often these days that an underwriter takes the time and gives you a call to thank you for placing a risk with them. This is the approach and the kind of people you are working with when you are a COBRA Network Member!”

Adrian Littler, Managing Director, CLA (Risk Solutions) Ltd
Very valuable services

“Henry F Dodds Ltd joined COBRA Network in 2007 when insurers were concentrating on larger brokers and consolidators. Since then insurers have been more responsive and our relationships have continued to improve. COBRA continues its support with the Annual Conference and Autumn broker meetings together with our regular meetings with our account manager Julie Bamber. In addition, support is also available on compliance with the annual audit and, when required, by HR. These are all very valuable services enabling us to concentrate on growing our business. COBRA has built relationships with major insurers, introduced us to new markets and the service received from COBRA Underwriting is exceptional along with the dedicated claims team.”

Ian Henderson, Director, Henry F Dodds Ltd
Very happy to be and remain a member

“I’ve been a member of COBRA Network for over 10 years now and remain a member for the business support that the Network provides. I would particularly cite their Compliance services which have been a great source of information. Their assistance has been invaluable to me over the years.  When I need individual help, they are always on hand in the form of advice, guidance and templates and this is backed up by regular articles and bulletins regarding relevant Compliance issues so I always feel informed and up to date. And therefore we are very happy to be and remain a member of the COBRA Network.”

Mike Mackay, Director, Lagrove Insurance Brokers Ltd
Lagrove 150x150px
Very supportive

“We have grown significantly over the past 6 years and COBRA has been an integral part of this success. Vision Insurance Services has been a COBRA Network Member since the company creation in 2010. We chose COBRA Network, because of my past associations with them, as a Director of another company, who were also members. COBRA Network has been very supportive of Vision in many ways. We have grown significantly over the past 6 years and COBRA has been an integral part of this success. We would certainly recommend COBRA Network to similar brokers.”

David MacKinnon, Managing Director, Vision Insurance Services Ltd
Impressed with COBRA

“We value our COBRA membership very much as it gives us access to markets we would otherwise struggle to reach. We also value the help and support on non-insurance matters, such as Compliance and HR. We are particularly impressed with COBRA Underwriting Agencies who always respond in a timely and professional manner, whilst coming up with solutions regarding cover and premium. In my opinion, the Network is going from strength to strength.”

Jon Briggs, Director, Priory Insurance Brokers Ltd
Beneficial to our business

“The Network has undoubtedly been beneficial to our business and I would not hesitate to recommend the Network to any potential new member.P & W Insurance joined COBRA Network over 10 years ago. At the time of joining in 2004, we concluded that joining was a ‘no brainer’ and our opinions remain unaltered. Over that period, the Network has undoubtedly been beneficial to our business and I would not hesitate to recommend the Network to any potential new member.”

Dave Woolford, Partner, P & W Insurance Group LLP
Opened doors to underwriters

“We have seen a massive difference to our business since joining COBRA. They have opened doors to underwriters that previously we didn’t have access to and this has allowed us to place even more business. Already in the first quarter of 2005 we have achieved 70% of the new business written in 2004.”

Neal Lowe, Needham Commercial Insurance Services